Recently, guangzhou city river is long do receive masses to inform against information, of garden of industry of wide division of division of the Milky way in limited company of blessing color print has suspicion of the great sewage that steal a p广州市海珠区桑拿latoon. On July 23, guangzhou river is long run rapid operation, river of area of associated the Milky way is long do, substation of environment of zoology of the Milky way, urban district two class environmental protection detects water of area of station, the Milky way politics execute the law group and the unit such as street agency combines bead auspicious the action, factory of color print of the blessing in be opposite spreads out the spot to trace to the source reach execute the law the job, investigation lasted to morrow before dawn at 3 o’clock afternoon from that day at 2 o’clock, open this to be suspected of stealing a platoon old, straight typesetting and printing brushs liquid waste and the real situation of great pollution company that waste engine oil. Wall of gules iron sheet falls to be buried greatly discharge plastic pipe and steel tube secretly

Tha广州君御水会 部长电话t day afternoon 3:40, city river is long do after pressing masses to inform against clew, combine apanage government and relevant section to launch assault operation instantly, discovery is located in area of the Milky way bead auspicious road inside garden of industry of 65 wide divisions in outside factory of blessing color print, open air is piling up the paint of a large number of multicoloured is painty, at the same time the rainwater mtl pithead outside wall of factory red iron sheet still discovers two outfall, blue liquid discovers inside the well. Execute the law jointly personnel examination traces to the source action immediately spreads out, after classics and meaning of manufacturer channel collude, removed nearly 5 meters long gules enclosing wall, the white glue canal that the spot discovers to a diameter is 12cm about receives a plant, and there is many blue powder in the canal.

Use the means of lamplight illuminate, execute the law the another interface that checked personnel to find glue to be in charge of inside workshop, confirm this canal belongs to the tube bank outside this factory dye to truly.
Manufacturer differentiate calls this conduit already disuse, the powder inside the canal is before blowdown keep. However, when the examination personnel is kneaded with the hand hold ” dry and hard ” powder of clear however sense contains moisture content when blue is pulverous. Execute the law personnel spot undertakes mining to the clay between the wall inside wall of gules iron sheet and factory, discovered subterranean 30cm is in the white glue canal that bury wears finally. This glue canal and factory interior connect, the dirt that wrap up glue provides, stone already was become by be contaminated blue-black. Everywhere the Jing inside the workshop of engine oil abandons engine oil straight tube bank now

Introduce according to manufacturer controller, this miller should be engaged in books and periodicals pressworking, share two large presswork product line, among them already disuse. Feel with hand explore when investigation personnel however call already when the ink marks on the printing machine of disuse, discover finger of ink marks conglutinate however.
Then, execute the law personnel produces workshop and office place to continue to increase investigation strength in the light of each. In the evening at 10 o’clock, group of test of association discovers in the manufacturing workshop that wastes engine oil everywhere artificial small chamfer, and useless engine oil along artificial small chamfer flow direction is in small outfall.
Should execute the law when team member extends water inlet to explore with the hand, inside discovery actually connective a tube. And outfall arrives between wall the conduit mark that color of path and one ground differs apparently.
Abandon the final whereaboutldirection of engine oil to make a thorough investigation of thoroughly, execute the law the group enters small outfall with clear water fill in, and defend the investigation personnel outside the wall to discover wall has clear water to be permeated outwards ceaselessly. Apparent, this small canal reaching the dark canal that is buried in the wall is this factory discharge useless engine oil secretly external ” private channel ” .
As we have learned, useless engine oil is brought into to high by the country already reject directory, and manufacturer is so bold however, rack one’s brains in scheming, bury be广州桑拿会所半套场 buried greatly through conduit, soil is entered outside discharging useless engine o广州天河水疗技师漂亮il the factory directly secretly. The so bold action that steal a platoon makes a person unus广州桑拿鱼的做法ual astonish! Uncover Gai Kaijing, the factory steals typesetting and printing to brush authentic of liquid waste evidence

That day late night at 12 o’clock, execute the law jointly personnel is opened total rainwater well undertakes sampling detects inside the factory, discover system of the water inside rainwater well shows sapphire blue scene. Subsequently investigation panel detected in succession the rainwater of area of garden of the rainwater observation well of edge of this factory red wall, industry always discharges well, and well of the first outside industrial garden area municipal rainwater, system of the water in the well all shows sapphire blue scene, with the well inside the factory medium water syst广州水伊方桑拿体验em character agrees basically.
Subsequently, execute the law the municipal well that personnel detects in the distance of 10 meters of above geomantic emerge an outfall discovered on bank wall. Although this outfall sur2018广州水疗半套服务face has been filled,seal, but wall of water mouth periphery still is in liquid of ceaseless and oozy blue. So far, this f广州水玲珑水疗价格表actory passes municipal storm sewer the net rises to around river the illegal behavior that steals typesetting and printing to brush liquid waste already abundantly clear.
On July 24 afternoon, substation of environment of zoology of area of the Milky way executes the law personnel goes to this department to check again. The spot is given out ” problem of zoology environmental protection corrects advice note ” (Sui Tianhuan asks change 〔 2019 〕 0000405) , instruct its to keep dangerous trash of short duration a sky outside to paint bucket have a change of luck is put to dangerous trash of short duration instantly; Prohibit piling up dangerous trash at will; Demolish this deserted conduit instantly, hand in hangover of waste liquid of the printing and dyeing inside the canal the unit that has aptitude to deal with; Clear instantly collect a pool inside smeary, demolish the drainage chamfer of the environment outside connecting, strengthen day-to-day management. Subsequently substation of area environmental protection monitors personnel to undertake spot sampling to the rainwater inside this rainwater well, the report that monitor is waited for in going out.
The reporter understands from substation of environment of zoology of area of the Milky way, this enterprise is one is managed 6 years presswork for a long time enterprise, it is this area pressworks the example of the industry. Punish action covers 10 areas 308 industry garden 110 enterprises

Battle of assault fortified positions of prevention and cure of good to be hit stoutly water pollution, since May 1, lifted fountainhead one round to decrease corrupt, fountainhead accuses corrupt, extreme is treated corrupt integrated processing, the reporter grows from city river do understanding to, epicycle acts in all assault checked administer of 10 areas place area of 38 industry garden and garden area periphery 110 industrial and commercial enterprises.
Existence problem centers expression to be rain corrupt mixed flow, industrial waste water and manufacturing flotsam discharge formalities of straight platoon, environmental protection secretly litter of not complete, production is violated compasses deal with, manufacturing management is short of break wait for a problem.
Incorporate is 1, well of rainwater of straight platoon of industrial waste water and river emerge (16) ; 2, sewage straight platoon is discharged secretly (19) ; 3, fluid of manufacturing flotsam, paint, emulsion, cutting, eletroplate fluid enters the platoon outside offtake (10) ; 4, the platoon outside engine oil leakage (9) ; 5, rain corrupt mixed flow (3) , leakage of liquid of strong acid alkali is discharged (2) ; 6, lab danger is changed article clean straight platoon with clear water (1) ; 7, manufacturing workshop did not close the platoon outside bringing about dust (2) ; 8, raw material bucket, paint bucket, rubbish and litter open air pile up (10) ; 9, without business charter (3) ; 10, without licence of catchment, blowdown (8) ; 11, do not have environmental protection formalities or procedure is not whole (14) ; 12, lack danger, solid to abandon reclaim contract, have the contract does not have carry sheet or reclaim the manufacturer does not have aptitude (10) . Via checking solid be suspected of violating the You Yishuang in stealing platoon, leakage to discharge an enterprise bridge gourmet powder, truly the company such as color print of the blessing in factory of leather of garden of draw of family name chemical industry, Hong Yu chemical industry, can yellow Bu, the Milky way is most typical.