This year winter vacation, yuan the pupil of Guangzhou is small (Zun Liu) swim to Australia learn, attend class together with local child. Yuan Guangzhou pupil is small express, to Australia You Xueneng knows the life of local.
Attention swims learn low age change
Whenever summer vacation, meet in the travel main forces of Guangzhou a few more young face, see tourist attraction photograph compare with pure in the past journey nevertheless, present parent wants to let the child harvest literacy knowledge in the journey more, increase foreign language capacity, swim so learned to become a student to be in gradually the significant activity of holiday. Arrived the near future, swim learn more appear low age the tide that turn, object from before the high school student develops pupil. Does holiday swim how to learn to swim? What results can children have? Does the parent have He Sai to take an examination of again? Reporter of new wall bulletin visits discovery, learn to swimming, students welcome generally. A pupil swims to Australia after learning, breathe out continuously, go to school over even if ” play one day to come home to the school, bright! ” nevertheless, parent criterion care collects fees the item such as the level.
Type of join a class in the middle of the course of 9 years old of girls swims learn to come back to say to still want to go again
“Swim learn not to think, still want to go every year later. ” severe lady of a parent of Guangzhou tells new wall bulletin the reporter, winter vacation attends this year swim after learning, daughter Xiaoyuan of 9 years old says to mom, this summer vacation still wants to go again Australian join a class in the middle of the course swims learn.
That is daughter Xiaoyuan goes abroad for the first time swim learn, join a class in the middle of the course arrives Australia a public elementary school, have by a definite date 3 weeks study. “Sign up for the purpose of this class to her, it is to want to let her exercise spoken English ability, 2 it is the children that see abroad how to learn. ” severe lady says, the English that life of 3 weeks join a class in the middle of the course lets the child especially colloquial level rises very big, she thinks, type of this kind of join a class in the middle of the course swims the more that the You Xuexue that learns to compare special and custom-built travel, visiting style goes to.
Xiaoyuan is in Guangzhou city at present sea bead area on an elementary school 3 grade, at ordinary times English result is right, but swim abroad for the first time learn, because understand,severe lady or blame often worry about her not, cannot reach classmate communication with the teacher.
“I and her father accompany her to go together Australia, when the first day sends her to report for duty, I say with her father, was over, come back to wanted to cry for certain, the afraidest is she says with me after school, ‘ I do not think mom went ‘ . ” severe lady says, those who make her open-eyed is, the first day after school the daughter is very happy, and very naturally says English with father mother. “Although she has a lot of to understand not, want to rely on to guess, but she is willing to start to talk say. Feel very magical at that time, do not know the teacher is how to be accomplished (let her mouth say English) ” .
Besides the promotion of English the gift of tongues, attend class of means differ to also make Xiaoyuan impression very deep. She shares this Duan You very gladly after go back to the motherland to learn to experience, she still did a PPT that share. Does in PPT she write: ? If? of grey lie of  of over sixty years of age of M of difficult  of  of discharge of leg of S of difficult  of chasm of  of saddle Mu exhaust is described with a word, that is ‘ they are to play one day to come home ‘ . Their lunch is him belt, can take hand annulus, toy, sock. Attend class sit on the ground, finish class can go the playground plays. Bright! ” Xiaoyuan says, although she can say English not quite, but still pass very livelily. The exercise more that the teacher decorates needs a student to be finished actively, and rather than forces to finish, the teacher resembles a friend same.
Xiaoyuan is when curricular end, special hate to part with teacher and classmate. She says with mom, later annual cold summer vacation wants to go Australia swims learn.
The parent: You Xuehua going abroad is expended not small but gains is bigger
“This summer vacation, because my time does not have arrangement, do not have method so. Finish a cold summer vacation, organic meeting still can let her attend swim learn. ” severe lady says, the daughter swims in Australia learned expenditure is 10 thousand yuan, plus the airline ticket that parents accompanies, board and lodging, 3 people cost 559 yuan. “The expenditure that a few people go abroad is not small, but gains is very big, compared with trot along on horseback watch those who spend type to swim learn, I compare a view to attend type of join a class in the middle of the course to swim learn. ” she thinks, the suiting that Youred Excellency to underestimate the child normally ability and study ability, if domestic condition allows, you Xueneng of type of join a class in the middle of the course makes children true the mouth says a foreign language, the view that allows a child is more broad.
This summer vacation, although Xiaoyuan cannot go again Australia swims learn, but her summer vacation life is arranged very richly, english of study crawl, self-study, read ” 3 body ” wait for a few books. “(daughter) summer vacation has class of on a few talent, but did not go up class of take lessons after school, because we promise her, class of take lessons after school does not attend if study result is good. I think, the attitude that maintains curiosity and study is very important, of course, parental guiding is very important also. ” severe lady says, she promises Xiaoyuan this summer vacation goes to Beijing seeing the Great Wall, the Imperial Palace together, she hopes the child sees all sorts of lives of this world more, the society is accepted and include all sorts of culture.
: of You Xueda’s person? Piao of  of nest of Ti of ≡ of ぱ of Si of   Dang?
“Swim for the first time learning is 3 year go elementary school Austria enters th微信加鸡头 外围 模特 广州e world chorally tounament, went subsequently the country such as Germany, Italy is visited. Run quickly in Meisaidesi the company looks around, let me know the beauty of car craft, had interest to art. Swim the 2nd times learning is to go to the United States, visited many museum, experienced over there the musical atmosphere of street, very attract me. ” say the experience that has oneself, the poem of more than Yu that prepares to enter university study very familiar with sth. She tells new wall bulletin the reporter, swim with the classmate together learn, with going travelling with parents is different, you Xueke with sharing pleasure with the friend, follow a teacher to learn a lot of knowledge. “When the junior high school on later, I swim learn more diversity, go seeing the lab of college of industry of Hua Na grain for instance, go place of the sources of energy of Chinese Academy of Sciences listens scientist taletelling. ” poem of more than Yu says.
A Shi thinks, she applies for to do exchange to be born to the United States later, and 广州哪里有大保健全套as a child the opportunity goes out swim learn concern, among them the most immediate impact is to go up first temporarily, she follows Guangdong experiment middle school is round appoint undertake communicating to Singapore, experience different culture.
Ashi introduces, let her learn to swimming more what deepness thinks is, go up that year one tall, a teacher leading formulate that saves class of the hill austral fact a summer vacation grinds to Xi’an the plan that learns a journey. That is to combine a few course to delimit into guild regulations, for instance, the literary history of Xi’an studies in history division, ancient poetry statement studies in Chinese course, bilingual interpreter listens to wait to museum in English course. “The student grinds learning is outline of according to textbook, be united in wedlock with the travel culture photograph of travel destination, offer the opportunity of more development eye shot to 广州曼城k歌沐足the student, it is to learn to carry out a process integratedly with what swim to be united in wedlock, this need school and travel agent undertake detailed communication. ” A Shi says, go that Xi’an grinds learn to leave deep impression to her, one is done to grind before everybody goes learn manual, in travel process another dug is mixed share, when coming back, compare with original plan again right, discovery has many results.
As seasoned ” a n experienced person ” , a poem suggests, in a planned way swims learned classmate must have been used grind the resource that learns a journey, best the bears; to want him foundation next interest that can receive orgnaization of university and culture, scientific research is liked, the choice suits grind learn a project. In addition, go the foreign country swims class hour, immerse besides the language kind of course, best as can much as local contact.
The parent: You Xuejing all previous brings far-reaching influence to the daughter
“The daughter is in of elementary school phase swim 3 times learn to experience, bring far-reaching influence to her. ” Lin Shunyi tells A Shi’s mom reporter of new wall bulletin, outer swim class hour, the daughter still saw Benz company, bring back small car prototype, had knowledge to their fancy technology. And in Shi Hualuo world strange crystal inn looks around when, the daughter chose a crystal rose to bring back to mom, more make her surprizing unceasingly. “When I receive this gift, imagine a 3 grade pupil of 8 years old very hard, can choose so beautiful gift to bring back from so far place ” .
Did Ms. Lin also discover metabolic: of the daughter? ? of act of bright Φ of  eulogy  still can help a teacher provide discipline, group spirit was strengthened.
A Shi of You Xueling going abroad opened horizon, she wants to go abroad very much, study foreign culture, be in so tall temporarily, sign up attended to lay a plan with a year of exchange of the United States, continue to stay in the high school on the United States later, continue to take an examination of an university this year.
“Let the child swim learned charge, take her to go out to travel with oneself, expenditure is about the same, in the begining we still consider, after arriving how to consider twice, feel right the child is useful, worth while. ” to the charge that does not poor, express as Ms. Lin of the businessman, oneself afford. The whole nation grinds learn forum of summit of viatic industry alliance permanent settle Guangzhou is beautiful area, grind exploration the new pattern that learns viatic education.
Read 10 thousand books, row 10 thousand lis of roads. In last few years, “Travel + education ” swim learn a product to get the welcome of increasing parent. Annual summer vacation is to swim undoubtedly the busy season that learns the market. Nevertheless, to a lot of parents, you Xuereng is one is compared ” unfamiliar ” domain. The expert points out, swim learned action still remains to make an on-the-spot investigation, should avoid to appear ” learn a journey to decrease to grind negative ” awkward scene. An expert expresses, learn than swim at sending the child, the company of high quality is mainer.
“At present a lot of orgnaizations arrange grind learn manipulative too strong “
Reporter of new wall bulletin understands, at present the parent swims zealously learn to also say to grind learn, “Grind learn a journey ” one word appeared earlier on Feburary 2, 2013 ” general office of the State Council lies fallow about travel of countryman of print and distribute compendium (2013-2020 year) announcement ” in. This announcement puts forward ” carry out middle and primary school to be born stage by stage grind learn a journey ” , aim to expand recreational economy, pull move inside need, stimulative obtain employment, drive development of service line of business.
Grind learn a journey, advance an idea from 2013, begin pilot work to 2016, form the force of promotion inside countrywide limits to 2018 again, although last a period of time is old, but grind learn a journey to still be in exploration phase on the whole.
Guangzhou city time Lian Xiping of president of elementary school of sweet river of samite of the bourg austral Yu area thinks, summer vacation time grinds learn to regard as right at ordinary times a kind of complement that the school teachs, should have systematic program, is not to go out to trot along on horseback view flower travels. Because have language barrier, culture obstacle, this kind of short time swim learn, say natively to middle and primary school very inaccessible much better effect. “And we discover, at present a lot of orgnaizations arrange grind learn manipulative too strong, random elephant is more, and have effect truly actually also very it’s hard to say. ” Lian Xiping expresses.
Many teaching staffs saw now ” swim learn heat ” those who fall is dark emerge. This year March, the whole nation grinds learn viatic industry alliance to be spent in Guangzhou city the area is held establish a ceremony. On the seminar that holds subsequently, superintend and director of Ministry of Education guides teacher of Normal University of expert, Hua Na is pedagogic standing undersecretary Wang Gong teachs the ministry think, grind travel learning brigade will force classroom is reformed. She emphasizes grinding the Fan Shi that learns viatic course and practice, think to lack the guidance of curricular thought, grind learn viatic activity to be met ” vulgarization ” . She says, course should have the standard, system, normal, characteristic that has effect, she appeals those who strengthen a team to specialization, of the industry specialization, course develops specialization, remind should avoid to appear ” learn a journey to decrease to grind negative ” awkward scene. For this, wang Gong put forward ” learning and industry coexist, yo person and Yo business fly together ” , think to grind the course that learns a journey wants ” only then at going, result knows, go eventually ” . She thinks, grind the primary purpose that learns a journey is not to master how many knowledge, and the improvement that depends on behavior.
Visit: ? Nest Ъ Zou assist is  of flood dragon of  of Lao of  of the г that mail  bad?
In last few years, “Travel + education ” swim learn a product to get the welcome of increasing parent. Nevertheless, to a lot of parents, you Xuereng is a newer field.
In Guangzhou numerous swim in learning an orgnaization, reporter of new wall bulletin from ” Guangzhou You Xueying ” understanding arrives, this orgnaization today summer the military affairs that roll out, country learns You Xuexia to make the student that battalion basically faces 6 years old to come 18 years old. Be located in ” door mouth ” the summer camp that by a definite date arranges half month, collect fees each about 5000 yuan, adopt system of military school management into battalion hind, aim to foster a student to form good behavior convention, learning, also can take a student to see a tourist attraction. Head for domestic other place swim learn a proje广州水疗服务 会所图片ct, press two weeks of time to collect fees, need 10 thousand yuan about each.
This locality another advocate hit home to swim learn ” Guangzhou grinds learn a journey ” the staff member tells new wall bulletin the reporter, this year summer vacation time swims in learning a course, the number signing up of course of Hu Lunbei Er is maximum. Swim between semester, student basically visits understanding famous places and historical sites, local customs to wait. Time of You Xuezhi brigade needs a week time about, collect fees according to diverse line, reach 8000 yuan in 3000 yuan each between.
Besides domestic line, go abroad swim the first selection that learning also is partial parent and child. Reporter of new wall bulletin from a few offer abroad to swim the orgnaization that learns a service understands, the parent chooses You Xuemo going abroad for the child outside experience abroad lives, school of name of world of seek by inquiry, raise language and communication water equality. The parent is in before making a choice, need accurate knowledge to swim learned detailed content, choose to fit the child’s product thereby.
Reporter of new wall bulletin swims from Guangzhou the understanding in the staff member mouth that learns an orgnaization arrives, the student of 7 years old of above can sign up swim learn, this orgnaization offers different summer vacation time to swim in the light of the child of different age learn a course. The You Xuelu line of the United States, England, Australia is at present more welcome, time is half month commonly, charge is controlled 40 thousand yuan for everybody. Swim between semester, “Swim ” with ” learn ” occupy than be 1:1 about, student can attend class together with foreign student, can helpful to foreign language level with promotion, also can undertake living experiencing in lodging family, and visit a scenery to wait scenic spot.
In addition, organic compose introduction says 广州水疗会 全套价格” swim ” with ” learn ” specific gravity, can differ somewhat according to the effective demand of student, parent. If the parent wants to let the child with ” learn ” give priority to, can choose the route of arrangement study course, swim nevertheless learn charge to also can rise subsequently. Notable is, different orgnaization has diverse demand, some allows student ” free travel ” , do not include airline ticket going there and back namely, some claiming ” one price is wrapped completely ” . The member that organic still compose asks to learn has foundation of certain foreign language and life to provide for oneself ability.
Learn to swimming, the should be the child safe problem th广州按摩价格at the parent cares most. Reporter of new wall bulletin understands, swim learn an orgnaization to be able to sign battalion safety agreement with the parent commonly, offer phone of 24 hours of connection and urgent call to reserve phone, buy accident a place difficult of access for the student. If the child is lesser, need the parent ” accompany swim ” . Orgnaization staff member expresses, you Xuelu line can send a person to step on a dot ahead of schedule, won’t take a risk to guarantee safe place hard.
“What the parent should attend in one’s power more is close child activity “
“Now You Xuewei what is good do? Involve the parent possibly from numerous psychology — oneself do not have time to accompany the child, be willing to give this money. ” the director Tang Wuhua of academy of education of 3 unripe families analyses civilian orgnaization, from her old plan organization kisses child in light of mobile experience, holiday is the main chance of parent company child actually, can take the opportunity promotional parentage.
“What I think the parent should attend in one’s power more is c广州泰殿水会js推荐lose child activity, say simply to be accompanied better namely. The likelihood is right the parent of city of a gleam of, actuating pressure is g广州模特经济公司reat, the time that is together with the child is not particularly long, quality is very so important. Should learn a simple principle — be together with the child, be together with the child only. ” Tang Wuhua suggests, the parent can discuss to engineer an activity jointly with the child, let the child have master feeling, is not to be forced to attend.
Tang Wuhua lifted 3 to kiss simply child mobile category consults for broad parent, it is house of museum, science and technology sees in the city with the child, if save the; such as rich,be to attend a society to carry out an activity next, tang Wuhua thinks, cannot give the school completely moral education, the parent can guide the child to enter commonweal activity, the parent teachs by personal example as well as verbal instrution in the process that provides volunteer service, can establish a very good model to the child additionally the parent can organize; to kiss child swim, also can look after children answer native place to look, for company child ” view the world ” , this is the complement on a kind of affection, be alone You Xuemo law is likened to. Notable is, the child lets assume regular job in travel process, remove impediment for example, take a picture etc, let the child learn to cast off depend on, these are the company pattern of high quality.
Low age whether does the child suit to swim learn?
Should inspect its are free-standing circumstance and calm
The director Tang Wuhua of academy of education of 3 unripe families introduces civilian orgnaization, through the survey of orgnaization psychology expert, at present You Xuecheng shows low age turn a tide, likelihood the effect that short of parent hopes.
Tang Wuhua tells new wall bulletin the reporter, this orgnaization ever was mixed Wuhan a school cooperates, there is elementary school at that time one, the parent of 2 grade will seek advice, this age paragraph whether does the child suit to attend swim learn? Tang Wuhua thinks, want to see psychological basis of the child above all, some families can foster the child to form free-standing habit as early as possible, but such child is less, major this age paragraph the child lacks free-standing psychological base, using is for common saying ” the heart is not quite powerful ” , leave a long-term travel to may have psychological worry alone, new knowledge is absorbed in going against the process that travelling.